Producers and Patents

The following are a list of all of the producers of "Avery" Needlecases in the time period:
George Archibold                                                       Asser & Sherwin                                                        W. Avery & Son
Baggallays, Westall, and Spence                                   Bancroft & Bros                                                 Wm. Bartleet & Sons
Buncher & Haseler                                                     Henry Clark & Son                                                        J.Clark & Sons
F.Clark & Son                                                            Coggins & Baxter                                                       Cook-Son & Co.
Copestake, Moore, Crampton & Co                                 R.Cormack BRO                                                             Edward Cox
Albert Fenton                                                                 F. Floyd                                                                    Gay & Son
W.W.Gould & Son                                                             W. Hall                                                       Hayes Crossley & Co.
Henry Hill                                                                   Nirch & Stern                                                                      R. Holt
Henry Jenkins & Sons                                                 T. Johnson & Son                                                    Frank S. Kendrick
Thomas Kendrick                                                       D. Leonardt & Co.                                                 James William Lewis
William O. Lewis                                                          Mappin & Webb                                                              James May
H. Milward                                                                    Abel Morrall                                                              J & G Morton
D. Nicholson & Co.                                                          Perry & Co.                                                           Pratt & Farmer
G. R. Co.                                                                  Jas. Smith & Son                                                                   Stacy
D. F. Taylor                                                               S. Thomas & Son                                                       R. Turner & Co.
W. Walker                                                                     W. Whiteley                                                   W. Woodfield & Sons
Richard Wyer                                                                  R. Moffat                                                         Robert J. Roberts
C.G. Wacker & Co.
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