Condition Standards

Here at AveryNeedlecases.com we've put together a simple ruler by which to measure your Averys should you care to do so. We have taken into account that they are old and somewhat fragile.
  • Excellent: All pieces intact and functioning as expected. No rust or discoloration. Near-mint condition.
  • Good: All pieces intact and functioning as expected. Minimal wear and discoloration. Looks as though it’s been used with care.
  • Fair: Small dents or mild discoloration. Still functions as expected, but must be handled with care. Has probably seen considerable use.
  • Poor: Missing small, decorative pieces. Hinges or non-essential parts broken or severely bent. Considerable rust or chemical damage. May still function as a needlecase.
  • Bad: Missing a large or functional piece. Large amounts of rust of chemicals in the crevasses. No longer functions in the same way it once did.

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