The website for lovers of the exquisite Victorian brass needlecases commonly referred to as averies made between 1865 to 1900. We're currently looking for collectors, ideas, pictures, suggestions, and anything else Avery.  Even though there have been over 10000 hits to the site it is mostly lookers.  

Please see the BUY/SALE page - listed is an Avery Elephant with Howdah. The picture of it is on figurals page. Email for more pictures or information.

William Avery was born outside Redditch England in Headless Cross to a father in the business of needle manufacturing.  In furthering the business William Avery saw a way to bring several of his hobbies together.  He used his love of photography on his travels to take pictures of items and sites of interest.  Many of these were later fashioned into needlecases which were minatures of subjects that interested Avery.

A competitor William Lewis actually patented the first decorative needlecase but since Avery took the idea and then patented his own cases and was so prolific at doing so his name has become synonymous with the cases.  Averies actually now describe any of the small brass treasures in the Avery Style.  Even though the cases say Redditch on them it was the theory of Estelle Horowitz and Ruth Mann who wrote the Avery "Bible" that the cases were actually made in Birmingham England. 

Estelle Horowitz  and Ruth Mann spent 10 years researching Averies for the book they published in 1990.  As the ladies astutely surmised Averies unknown have come out of the woodwork since the publishing of the book.  Since both ladies have passed away, it is sad to realize that there won't be an addendum.  Luckily Terry Meinke has written an Avery Book.  It is quite good and has additions of averies found after the first book was written. She is working on a master list that will help all of us.  You can purchase her book at Bunnysplace on Rubylane.  Enjoy!

Since the advent of the internet it has made collecting and sharing of information much easier and the collecting world has grown smaller.  Ebay has certainly enhanced the buying and selling of Averies because now it is possible to virtually be at the auction anytime!

This website will be a way for Avery lovers to converse, trade, buy and sell all things Avery.  Please participate in our brand new forums by sharing your stories and photos! If you have a suggestion or specific request e-mail us at   

Enjoy and Happy Collecting!
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